Makeup Review: Thank Goodness for Daiso Eyeliner Coat!

Does your eyeliner smudge on you no matter how much you invest on getting good quality items? Fret no more! I have something great to recommend! RM5 nia too!

I was in Mid Valley with the bf yesterday for a movie and some good food. Being the vain pot I was, I caked on my beloved eyeliner before I stepped outta the door. I had the following on my eyes:

  • Estee Lauder eyeshadow palette
  • Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus (the latest mascara in MM’s famous line)
  • Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner

Eyeshadow, mascara and liquid liner – All the essentials that a girl needs, unfortunately cursed by the fact that if not well taken care of, it’ll smudge make you look like a panda.

But thank God, thank goodness for Daiso. The Daiso Eyeliner Coat, I mean. This works like the infamous Benefit Shelaq. Why go for overpriced Benefit Shelaq when you have good old Daiso from Japan?

It looks like any typical liquid liner packaging except its packed with some liquid wax that seals off your eyeliner, making it waterproof, smudgeproof and long-lasting. w00t!  

Being the eyeliner freak I was, I decided to put this to test using all the eyeliners I have.

To the left, to the left, all the things pencil drawn on the left.

This baby has a very very fine brush tip that you can drag smoothly across your liner.

I let it sink in a little, and started rubbing. The way you would when you rub your eyes.

It’s apparent that this seal does not do well to make pencil eyeliners long-lasting. It worked wonderfully for liquid and gel liners though. I’m astounded that MAC Powerpoint liner goes off so easily. MAC wor, so lousy wan.

And if that isn’t enough to satisfy you, let me guarantee this thing is waterproof. Which translates to tearproof to me too.

Yes, I test my eyeliners like that. Sot leh.

And they’re all intact, as shown in the picture, although a bit washed out for all the pencil eyeliners.

Verdict? Daiso Eyeliner Coat is a Godsend. At only RM5, it managed to seal off my eyeliner properly all day long, even for a girl who tears easily like me. I tend to tear whenever I yawn so my lower lashline liner ALWAYS smudges, no thanks to my hyperactive sebum glands too. But not with this! Imagine the joy when I saw this on sale. Say goodbye to Benefit’s Shelaq, ladies. Daiso is located at The Curve, Damansara, near Nichii Fashion City. 🙂

And I think you have one last burning question: Does this wash off easily?

Answer: Yes.

I used Loreal’s Gentle Eye and Lips Makeup Remover and glided gently once.

All the pencil liners were off except for Revlon and Bobbi Brown liners, which stayed put and still vibrant. But it didn’t take lots of tugging to get it off, so no worries.

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner / Bobbi Brown Long-Wearing Gel Liner + Daiso Eyeliner Coat = Indestructible eyeliner that lasts you FOREVER!

Now THAT, I call a holy grail item.

PASS! Go get it, ladies, and never shall you fret about having eyeliner smudge on you no more!


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No Responses to “Makeup Review: Thank Goodness for Daiso Eyeliner Coat!”

  1. grass Says:

    wahhh~~~ so PRO !!!!!!

  2. prettybeautiful Says:

    pro indeed. lol.

    btw, this one we apply before eyeliner? or after? damn im so noob with eyeliner >.<

  3. YENyen Says:

    waud?the eyeliner oni rm5??lol i bought Daiso mascara up twenty bucks!am i kena cheated…hope not so..TnT~~~

  4. anna Says:

    wow!! exactly what i need!! thanks alot for the review! i hope its still available at daiso! haha, daiso rocks!

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